Friday, January 27, 2017

An Update from the Midnight Rider & the Escape Room

Keller Strikes out Again & the panty tree
By: The Midnight Rider
Keller Hospital and Collections

I have gotten more information of Keller Hospital turning people over to Collections wrongly. As you may remember, I have written two articles previously of this. One incident was where a friend had been turned over while he had been making payments to Keller. The second was where an employee was turned over to Collections even though they were paying. 

Now we have a new incident. I saw documentation of this incident. A friend went to the ER. His insurance paid most of the Bill except for around $300.00. He paid the remaining balance upon getting the Bill. Flash forward three months and a call was received from the Collection Company where Keller had turned him over. It was explained that Bill had been paid and the cancelled check was in hand.

The Collection Company said that Keller would have to be the one to have the matter closed. It took around a hour on the phone with Keller to get this straightened out. I know mistakes happen but there is a pattern here of Keller turning people over to Collections for no reason.

As I have stated before, a new hospital is coming. Keller should focus on making people happy, not ticking them off.

The Panty Tree
You may remember the Midnight Rider wrote an article last year about the Panty Tree located at the end of the Railroad Bridge in Sheffield. I have received information from an informed source that the Panty Tree has blossomed with new fixtures. I will be making a trip to the Railroad Bridge to see if this is true.
I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.


Now, let us return to the Escape Room Florence. First we want to make a correction; we obtained ownership details from state filings and incorrectly listed Randy Winborn as a partner in the business. He is in fact an attorney who acts as the business agent. The Escape Room is owned by Adam Zills and Bob Lindholm. 

We're seeing a lot of wonderful reviews for this fun business. If you've experienced this new to the Shoals activity, tell us about it. If you haven't, be sure to do so. The Escape Room is located at 108 South Pine in Florence; you will find an ad portal in our sidebar.

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