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Nathan Bougher: Almost a Protector of Society?

Nathan Bougher: Almost a Protector of Society?
By: The Midnight Rider
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On Saturday, January 14, 2017, the Times Daily reported the following:
“Nathan Paul Bougher, 21, East Fifth Street, Tuscumbia, has been charged with sexual torture and aggravated child abuse.
Police Chief Tony Logan said Bougher is accused of torturing and abusing a 1-month old boy.
Sexual torture and aggravated child abuse of a child under 6 are both Class A felonies and carries punishments of 10 years to life in prison with the possibility of patrol, if convicted.
“This is a very serious situation,” the chief said. “Our investigators put a lot of time and effort into working this case and getting to the point where we could make an arrest.”
Our research turned up that Nathan was a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for the Colbert County Sheriff’s Department. Information gained showed that he put in a lot of time in this position. Due to this, when a full time Deputy Sheriff Position came open, Nathan was hired in that position. However, here is where the deception comes in.
It appears that before Nathan was scheduled to leave for the Police Academy, there was a problem with his application. Sources state that the Governing Body of the Police Academy contacted Nathan about the problem. It is further understood, that Nathan did not inform the Sheriff of this problem right off.
From the Times Daily:
“Authorities said Bougher has not admitted to doing anything to the child.
“He has tried to make excuses for the child’s injuries, saying he did nothing intentionally (to harm the baby),” Logan said. “But the baby’s injuries are not consistent with the story he’s telling.”
Logan said the child, who is now at the Infant’s and Children’s Center at UAB Hospital, is suffering from multiple broken bones and internal injuries.
Investigators said the child has “spiral fractures” to his legs, as well as broken ribs and injuries to his mouth.
Police believe the child was tortured with an object or Bougher’s fingers.
“At this point, the hospital is doing a battery of testing on the child to determine all of the injuries and the severity of them,” Logan said.
He said doctors are also trying to determine if the child has suffered any neurological injuries.
“(The baby) is going to beunder constant medical supervision for awhile,” the chief said.”
Furthermore, sources state that Nathan tried to clear up the problem himself. When the deadline got close to him leaving for the Police Academy and he couldn’t clear up the problem, he had to inform the Sheriff.  The Sheriff allowed Nathan to resign. If you can’t go to the Police Academy, you can’t be a Law Enforcement Officer.
From the Times Daily:
“Department officials said the investigation into the allegations of abuse began Jan. 11.
The chief said his department was notified by the Colbert County Department of Human Resources that a complaint of possible abuse and torture had been issued.
Logan said the baby was taken to the doctor by his mother Jan. 9, which started the investigation.
“The baby was sent to Helen Keller and from Keller, he was transported to UAB, where he remains,” the chief said.
Investigators said Bougher was developed as a suspect and was taken into custody for questioning and then charged.
He is being held in the Tuscumbia City Jail on bail totaling $500,00.”
The above information, shows us that Nathan was not destined to be a Law Enforcement Officer. Furthermore, kudos go out to Sheriff Frank Williamson who took care of a problem when it was brought to his attention. Kudos also go to Chief Tony Logan and his Detectives on working this case that led to Nathan’s arrest.
Of course, Nathan is innocent until proven Guilty. However, it is not looking good for him. I know some people do not believe in “Street Justice” or “Frontier Justice”, but if Nathan is Guilty, there is a special place in Hell for him.

I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.


We understand there is to be a fundraiser for this family's medical bills. We will publish the complete information when it's available.

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