Thursday, January 5, 2017

Snow/Create Architects

Snow! White stuff…or brown stuff if you get up late enough. Or perhaps it starts at noon? Or nothing at all; who knows? The only definite is God help you if you went to Publix today. Apparently some little old Shoals ladies could have a second career in a demolition derby.


The new Florence Animal Shelter? Suddenly we’re hearing of new negotiations (after SIX MONTHS) with Donald Parker/Hugo Dante of Create Architects, the designers of the new shelter. We have been led to believe by the last administration that the lobby was reduced in size, as well as the number of pods being initially built. We assume now the architects are being asked to use less expensive (cheaper) materials.

We know other news sites are working on this story, but we do have Prince waiting in the wings. He will biiiite Parker and Dante if they don’t get with it.


It hasn’t been that long ago that we were criticized for using a masculine term when we should have used a gender neutral word. Guilty as charged, but we consider that straining at gnats.

Who was at the recent Shoals Launchpad competition? Mainly males, we can assure you. What’s up with that? We welcome comments and will have a more in depth blog on this later.

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