Saturday, January 28, 2017

Observations/Why Robbie Can't Spell

Some observations:

* Why are state troopers 'allowed' to violate School Zone speed limits when NOT responding to emergency calls?

* Is there a 'conflict of interest' involved if local judges own the Lauderdale County Community Corrections property?

*Why are there Fire Zones in front of local businessesif local LEOs refuse to enforce them?

* Madison City Schools 'dodged a major bullet' with regards to who WASN'T selected as their new superintendent of schools.


Our blog on the murder of Andrea Forbes has garnered more "thank you" messages than any we can remember; however, it's not the first time we've addressed the issue of some victims receiving less justice than others. Look to the left sidebar and our newly Featured post from 2011. 


Want to promote Shoals spots of interest to tourists? It might be good to spell them correctly, Robbie Baby. No, Rob Carnegie didn't make a typo; both a Tweet and an Instagram post from earlier today have misspelled Deibert Park. Oh, well, as the McKenzie brothers would say, spelling isn't the long suit of most Canadians.

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