Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Florence Tourism's Rob Carnegie Playing Favorites?

Playing favorites. Why do people play favorites? We can think of only three reasons: Liking someone, disliking someone, financial gain. So why is Rob Carnegie, Florence-Lauderdale Tourism President/CEO/Head Chinook, playing favorites? We may never know, but we sincerely hope we can put a stop to it. If we can’t put a stop to it, we can at least offset some of his damage.

Remember, a private company/individual may play favorites at will; a public entity may not. Rob Carnegie works for the city/county; he may even be subject to ethics violations—we’ve never had reason to look into it until now.



1. We had never heard the term “escape room” until some months ago.

2. We have absolutely no inclination to visit an escape room, and if we do, we’ll stream a movie from the Saw franchise until it passes.

3. We, as far as we know, know absolutely no one who owns, manages, or works for an escape room in any location. 


While lackadaisically perusing out Twitter feed earlier today, we came across this:


In case any readers are not familiar with the word “premier,” its definition is this: first in importance, order, or position; leading.

So Robbie Baby is saying Paradox Escape Room is better than Escape Room Florence. Why? Who owns these businesses?

A quick check tells us Escape Room Florence is owned/managed by Adam Zills and Randy Winborn. Paradox Escape Rooms of Alabama is owned/managed by Martha F. Stevens and Kristie A. Stevens. We’ve never heard of any of these people, but we’re betting Rob Carnegie has.

So congratulations, Escape Room Florence, you’re the winner of a free ad for the duration. That means as long as Rob Carnegie heads Florence-Lauderdale Tourism, we’ll make sure our readers are aware of your excellent business and any specials or innovations you bring to the fray. We’ll even assist you in finding an attorney in case your current one isn’t up to suing Florence-Lauderdale Tourism. 


Do ads here work? You betcha! Before Christmas we mentioned an eBay site selling 19 John Morgan prints. 48 hours later, the site had sold 14 of them, grossing almost $1,700.00.

Of course, you don’t have to advertise outright with us. If Rob Carnegie decides to play favorites again, we’ll be offering more free ads.

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