Friday, January 13, 2017

Nathan Paul Bougher - Totally Depraved

Nathan Bougher
Recently Shannon Dale Gargis pleaded not guilty to capital murder in the death of his girlfriend's 23 month-old daughter; he picked the child up like a baseball bat and beat her against a hard object. Yet now we have someone who makes Gargis look almost human...almost.

At least it wasn't Gargis' own child that he abused. At least Gargis has the defense that the toddler irritated him with her constant running about the household. At least it wasn't sexual. At least... 

There's no at least for Nathan Paul BougherSure, he's only 21. Yet no one made him father a child. No one made him marry. No one made him... No one made him do whatever horrible things he did to a one-month old child who couldn't leave his crib,

Thankfully the child didn't die from his injuries. How much time will Bougher serve if convicted? Anthony Ryan Allen got 15 years for unprecedented abuse of his girlfriend's son; however, there was only physical injury, no sexual abuse. Bougher should be looking at a minimum of 20 years. 

Let's hope he gets life.


A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family of Baby Tate:

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