Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Negligent or Not? Plea in Toddler's Death

Earlier today, William and Chelsie Whitfield pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in the shooting death of Robert Reaves, a toddler whose mother had left him unattended while visiting the Whitfields. Colbert County DA Bryce Graham stated:

“This case was not about punishment or revenge, but about taking responsibility, and realizing there are consequences for your actions whether it be negligent or not.”

Well, that was interesting. Negligent or not? We're waiting for him...or ask the mother Ashley Reaves to take responsibility for her actions in the child's death.


One good thing in the whole boondoggle of this shooting is that this young couple may still have charges against them dropped after 12 months. No, we don't approve of guns lying around, but neither do we approve of expecting individuals to randomly take responsibility for children not their own.


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