Monday, January 30, 2017

Baby Tate/Swampettes & Angry Vaginas

Accused Infant Abuser Bougher

It seems our friend Billy Underwood has taken on Nathan Paul Bougher as a client. Bougher is accused of physically and sexually abusing his month-old son. This should be interesting.


The fundraising event for Baby Tate has been postponed until March 4th. It will be held at Natchez Trace Harley Davidson and benefits Tate’s family who has, until recently, been forced to travel from Tuscumbia to Birmingham while the infant was hospitalized. We'll have more on this as the event draws closer.


The Swampette tours are back in the news. Thank God Judy Hood is married to David Hood or she would never have accomplished anything in life. So how does that work for our friend Debbie Wilson? Debbie is unmarried, so the TD’s Lisa Singleton-Rickman must have had a difficult time finding anything good to say about her.

Does David Hood have anything to do with the Swampette tours? He may, but we’ve never read of it. There’s currently a local man who has started his own news network; one of his first segments was on “angry vaginas.” Yes, really.

However, this isn’t about any radical feminist issues. We simply feel Mrs. Hood deserves credit for what she’s accomplished. We’re pretty sure she’s capable of founding and leading a tour business whether she’s married to a local guitarist or not.

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