Sunday, January 15, 2017

Credille Indictment/Food Stamps?

Jeremy & Ronnie Credille (The Cross is a Nice Touch)

A reader commented on the length of time it took to indict Jeremy Credille in the Muscle Shoals murder of Jason Fox. We were also surprised since Erica Fox had incriminated her boyfriend Ronnie's brother in her August confession. So why was Jeremy Credille allowed to roam free for five months?

Grand jury dockets aren't written in stone. We've seen Bryce Graham get an indictment in a matter of weeks in some cases. Did the Colbert DA have to present the case twice...or more? 

Interestingly, Graham never got an indictment in the case of the two volunteer fire departments with allegedly missing money. Yet, he got a very prompt indictment against a young couple in the death of a visiting child whose mother wasn't watching him.

The expression of the day is: Go figure...


According to the Sheffield school superintendent, 84% of students in his district live in poverty. Certainly not all households in Sheffield have children between the ages of five and 18, yet the image of 84% of households which do living in what may be considered poverty should be concern making to all of us. 

Once again the term "food stamps" has reared its ugly pointed head in connection with this poverty. The TD isn't the only medium to continue to use this term; however, we're pretty sure the number of individuals receiving food stamps in Sheffield...or anywhere zero. No one in the entire United States has received food stamps since 2004. All such benefits were morphed into the SNAP program by that year and are sent to the public via EBT.


Speaking of SNAP, there's no tax on food purchased with that program. Yet, Alabama is one of only four states still charging tax on groceries. Humans have to eat just as they have to drink and breathe. We have the image of state legislators charging tax on steam water and oxygen if only they could figure out a way to do so.

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