Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Take Back Bama"/Jay Merriner

We've said more than once that we've been extremely disappointed in the Republican party in this state. That's not to say we've regained any faith in the Democratic party. What's a voter to do?

There's a new movement in this state:

Will this grassroots organization solve all the state's problems? Will it solve even a few? Will it even catch on? We say it can't hurt to watch to see what happens.


For the reader who asked, there's a great deal of difference in having sympathy for a person addicted to drugs and one who sells them. Yes, many dealers start out as users, but not all users become dealers. Some dealers have never used; yes, they may be few, but they are out there.

Will education put a stop to drug use? It certainly may curtail much of it, but there are always those who can "handle it." These are the same as women who can change their significant others from bad boys to ideal husbands. The odds are not in their favor and never will be.


Was Jay Merriner a drug dealer working with his brother-in-law or was he a totally innocent victim...or perhaps something in between? While we don't know the answer to that question, we do know a victim's family always sees him or her as totally innocent while law enforcement may be guilty of thinking the worst. 

Will the truth be told at trial? We doubt it; we predict a plea deal. No winners in this, and a sad commentary on family dynamics.

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