Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jennifer Gray to Leave Shoals?/Educational Anomaly?

If you haven't heard, Dr. Jennifer Gray is a finalist for the new superintendent of Madison City Schools. Gray, the erstwhile head of Lauderdale education, is currently principal at Brooks Elementary.

Gray has three rivals for the position...and baggage. We're not placing any bets on the outcome of Madison's search for a new school leader; however, if she does win the position, it will be interesting to see local reaction.


The state of education? A local youth has scored 36 on the ACT. That's a wonderful achievement, but over the years we've known several who've done so (no, it wasn't Shoalanda). Apparently it's now so rare that those who do so get special write-ups? Or was it a slow news day? Or a case of good PR? We sincerely hope it's not because it's become an anomaly in the Shoals.


An on the TD front, Tom Smith still can't conjugate "lie," and Russ Corey speaks of "championing on." Perhaps our local rag should think of employmenting on. 


And now a reader named Dita has made a special request:

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