Saturday, January 21, 2017

Showcasing Florence in a Bad Light

Tunnel vision? Yes, we all have it from time to time. We see only what we wish to see. Is that ever good? We can’t think of even one instance in which it would be.

A few weeks ago, a young woman, presumably somewhere in the U.S., posted a pic on FB in which she attempted to showcase herself preparing to go to a holiday party. The pic went viral.

Why? Was the young woman that attractive? No, it went viral because she didn’t block the photo and it depicted a bedroom in shambles. You would really just have to see the photo to believe it. Now something similar has happened in Florence, and it doesn’t speak well of the city.

Graffiti…it’s here, not just on the railroad bridge, but in downtown Florence, and apparently we’re so used to it that we don’t notice it. 

Graffiti at Two O'Clock of Illegally Parked Bike

Since we’re now checking Rob Carnegie’s Tweets carefully for more favoritism, we couldn’t help but notice his Tweet of a motorbike parked the wrong way on Mobile Plaza. Our followers on Twitter noticed something else—Carnegie had inadvertently included some serious graffiti in his shot.

One reader said it didn’t make him want to visit the plaza. Another said it was in bad taste and that it encouraged just what she attempted to discourage in the youth she worked with. Is this how others see our town? Apparently so.

Let’s work on that. Let’s also work on hiring someone to lead Florence-Lauderdale tourism who will actually encourage visitors to come here.


A great friend of ours (whom we can’t identify for obvious reasons) is preparing an expose’ of the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board. This friend did ask us if we were sure Carnegie was the one doing the Tweeting and not a member of his staff (not Miss Stanfield).

We see more than one of the Tweets are centered around Mobile Plaza. The above photo depicts No. 116, a music venue. Robbie Baby fancies himself a singer (so did George Burns); therefore, we’re 99% sure it’s Rob who’s playing favorites. Just what he’s getting out of it, we don’t know…yet.

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