Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Billy Underwood Wins Prestigious Award

In 2015, Martindale-Hubbell reported there were just under 15,000 attorneys licensed in the state of Alabama. How would one pick just 10 out of those 15,000? It certainly wouldn't be easy, and it also would certainly be a great honor to be picked in any category.

Some categories of cases are more difficult than others. In other words, a client should know going in that it's going to be an uphill battle; therefore, many clients have little or no praise for those who have represented them. In these cases, finding an attorney whom clients praise is much like Diogenes' search for an honest man. 

Yet a local attorney has been selected for such an honor. The American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys is an independent organization that ranks attorneys who practice in the field. Each year the organization chooses ten lawyers in each state to receive its prestigious award as best of the best.

First a client or a peer must nominate an attorney. Then the institute researches the attorney's background and cases. Finally, after much independent evaluation, the group chooses the ten attorneys for the award. This year, William J. Underwood of Tuscumbia was chosen as one of the ten in this state. Most people in the Shoals know him simply as our friend Billy. 

We often think of Billy as one of the go-to attorneys in difficult criminal cases, but DUIs can also affect an individual's life for years. It's good to know that Colbert County, and yes the entire Shoals, has someone like Billy Underwood to represent them. You can contact the Tuscumbia attorney at 256-383-1791. 


There was a guy named Guy; got to be a joke here somewhere. 

Looking at his Facebook page we see he can't find a girlfriend. He's not sure why since all the other guys have them. You think it's because he rapes on the first date?

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