Monday, January 23, 2017

Murder, He Said...

We often read of January seeing the most, or at least more, deaths since many individuals strive to hang on until after the holidays. How about murders? Since this is the third January in recent memory in which there has been a cluster of local murders, we were curious. Apparently, statistics say August is the most deadly month in most cities. Heat? Kids out of school? We have no idea, but we would definitely be interested in local stats.


There were at least two murders this weekend/Monday; perhaps there was a third. Let’s hope that’s the end of it for this year or we’ll morph into Midsomer County.


Looks like one or our favorite bad boys was back in the jailhouse this past week:

How hard is it to show up to municipal court? If you don’t have money, they’ll let you work it out at the recycling plant. So why blow something like that off, especially when you’re still on probation for bank robbery? Someone please put the home lobotomy kits on sale…

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