Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Is the Purpose of UNA or Who Wants to Be a Small Frog?

Dr. I. M. Sensible once related the following story:

As a retired educator, I'm often called upon to join accreditation committees at various schools. Since I knew the principal at Uppity High School, he asked me to come join a cross-section of educators who were evaluating the school, a school that had many problems mainly because it tried to be all things to all people--students, parents, and faculty alike.

The first day I received a copy of Uppity's mission statement and read, "We're a social institution that seeks..." I read no farther before commenting to my friend the principal. "No, you are not a social institution. You are an institution of learning." I lost his friendship right there.

Now, that begs the question: Just what is the main goal of the University of North Alabama? Is it currently placing education of its students first? Does it think a move to Division I athletics will enhance the university? Will it at some point decide to rejoin Division II?

We think the answer to questions two and four is "No." We have absolutely no idea what might be the answer to question one; however, here are some excellent recent takes on UNA's infamous decision.


Wishing everyone, especially the dads, a fantastic Father's Day! The old adage "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" is especially true for fathers. Pray for God's guidance to rear your children.