Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lynn Greer 35+ Years Later

In May 1975, Rep. Lynn Greer of Rogersville announced he would submit a bill in the next legislative session that would restrict voting on the Lauderdale County Superintendent of Education to voters residing outside the city limits of Florence. At that time, Osbie Linville of Florence was superintendent. That bill was effectively scuttled by a group led by then Rep. Bob Hill of Florence. Over three decades later, Greer has again introduced a bill that would limit voting on the superintendent's race.

Obviously Greer feels strongly about the issue, but why? We've received several e-mails requesting information concerning Greer's mindset, but none that offers any insight into unannounced motives. Considering Greer's long-standing opinion on the matter, there may be no motive other than a strong personal opinion--an opinion with which we disagree. In days to come, we'll provide updates on the issue; however, there doesn't seem to be the proverbial snowball's chance that Greer will have more luck now than in August 1975 when the bill was defeated the first time.


Across the river in Tuscumbia, the board of education's Mark McIlwain seemed either confused or in desperate need of grammar lessons. He indicated the board never discussed issues with more than two present, but had discussed it among themselves. We predict the termination of Joe Walters will continue to garner headlines, and not the good kind.


We're not sure which wag at The Connection is responsible for this quote concerning Cherokee, but it's certainly worth sharing:
Water has been pouring into City Hall this morning so now the mayor can actually walk around on the inside (of) the building.