Friday, June 24, 2011

Missing Lauderdale Child/1000th Post

Do you know where your children are? Apparently one East Lauderdale mother didn't Tuesday afternoon. Deputy Tracy Vanderford (pictured) found a misplaced toddler walking approximately one-half mile from his home, wearing only a dirty diaper.

The boy, who was described as filthy, is now in DHR custody. There's no word if charges have been filed against the 19 year-old mother who lives along Highway 101, a 12 mile two lane road stretching from the Tennessee State line to Wheeler Dam.

What could have happened to the youngster if Deputy Vanderford hadn't spotted him? The child could have been seriously injured in traffic or even lost his life; a childless couple passing through the area could have decided on an unconventional adoption; or someone with less altruistic intentions could have picked up the child. We recently mentioned that individuals should have to obtain a license before having children. This is a perfect example of why.


Obviously not all parents are like the one discussed above. We hope our readers will enjoy a blog written by a couple expecting twins...twins who could possibly have medical problems during the last stages of pregnancy or delivery: