Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is ALFA Your Insurance Carrier? Maybe Not Anymore...

You can't live in Alabama and not see their ads...either on billboards, televisions, or mailers. They're ALFA, formerly Alabama Farm Bureau, a company that changed its name years ago because...well, their rationale was a little sketchy, but nevertheless ALFA the company is now. Is it your insurance carrier? Then this blog is for you.

If you don't have other insurance with ALFA, as in car or boat, don't expect to renew your home policy with the insurance giant when your renewal date comes up. According to insurance experts, this could affect one in seven homes in our state or approximately 73K customers.

You've been warned, so start looking for another carrier. You might also want to write a sweet letter to your agent, the company CEO, and the state insurance commission telling them how much you appreciate the company's response to the recent tornadoes that destroyed much of four Alabama counties including Franklin. It won't make them reconsider, but it just might make you feel better.


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