Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who's Here Illegally?/Opportunist?

Several liberally slanted groups have called Alabama's new immigration law racist. Yet there are 50K illegal Irish immigrants in the U.S., some living in Alabama. The new E-Verify will undoubtedly impact their lives here. How will Franklin County fare?

Judging from our e-mails, many will be leaving Franklin County, possibly headed to Texas or California. HB56 goes into effect September 1st. That gives illegal immigrants 90 days to...get legal? Leave? Hope for the best? Just what will they do?

Illegal immigrants aren't gasoline, or computers, or any other 20th Century arrival that we can no longer do without. In fact, Hispanic and other immigrants from south of the border were relatively rare 25 years ago. If HB56 isn't effectively challenged in the courts, in two years we will no longer notice any difference in our economy. In fact, Franklin County may even become the subject of a few documentaries. We suggest they use the publicity to their advantage.


He's not a predator, but an opportunist? The word opportunist usually gets a bad rap, but there is no sin in taking advantage of a legal opportunity. What Quinnon William Riddle did to small girls was nothing short of predatory sexual behavior and that is a sin. Let's hope the 46 year-old Marion County man, now residing in the Franklin County jail, will have the opportunity for free state room and board for many years to come.