Monday, June 13, 2011

Civil Disobedience Ain't What It Used to Be

How do we feel about civil disobedience? It ain't what it used to be. Let's look in our billfolds and purses; what do we see? It isn't a pound note drawn on the Bank of England, so civil disobedience has its place...or did have.

In today's world of computerized record keeping, a simple arrest for a misdemeanor may follow a person his or her entire life. If your career doesn't depend on a spotless record, then go for it. If your vocation calls for a squeaky clean life, then consider letter writing as your best bet to effect change.

Why this topic today? It seems those opposed to Alabama's new immigration law have invited us to a protest of sorts to be held in Selma, of all places, on September 10th. We are encouraged to give an illegal immigrant a ride--around the block we suppose--in order to test this new law.

Our take on the law is that, while it may not be too little, it is too late. We've already spent thousands of our tax dollars on illegals who have added nothing to our culture. Yes, Alabama needs more education, but the state is not going to obtain it from Hispanic Indian farm laborers. Of course, we're not sure Wal-Mart in Russellville can survive without them...


Should Florence voters have a say in electing the Lauderdale County School Superintendent? As long as they pay taxes, yes. The argument that county residents spend money in Florence doesn't hold much water. As far as we know, no one is making them do so; however, Florence citizens are legally bound to pay taxes to Lauderdale County schools.


A study has shown Florence and Lauderdale schools should be merged, the superintendent appointed, and higher standards set for the new system's teachers. The good news is we didn't pay for this study; the bad news is that it was conducted in 1965, and not one point from the study was ever incorporated into either the Florence or Lauderdale system. Did we hear someone say the more things change...?


It's a sad day for Alabama that her one of our finest writers has passed away: