Thursday, June 16, 2011

Top Engineer Leaves National Alabama

David (Dave) Soldo is an engineer, in fact quite an accomplished one. While at National Steel Car in Canada, he was considered part of the elite in both management and production. When NSC opened what was to become National Alabama, Soldo moved to the Barton plant. His title with National Alabama was "Fabrication Manager."

Yes, we says "was" since Mr. Soldo is no longer with the company. This may not be a total surprise for many since his Linked-In profile states he's interested in new job offers. It was a shock to many who currently work at National Alabama where he had also taken a lead in community projects, including one to support the Lauderdale/Colbert Girls' Attention Homes. One source told us:

Mr. Soldo was THE guy responsible for making sure ANY project National Alabama Corporation undertook was feasible. Without Mr. Soldo and his expertise, all production at National Alabama comes to a screeching halt. Dave Soldo was among the original group of Canadians that came in 2007. In late 2009 he was among those that resigned from the Canadian entity and hired on with National Alabama Corporation. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, was fabricated, or even THOUGHT of being fabricated, unless Mr. Soldo "OK'd" it.

What does this bode for National Alabama? Will the company hire a new engineer? Do they need a new head engineer since they have no new projects? We welcome input from those familiar with the company's current status.


Yesterday we commented on Larry Fisher being named Sweetwater citizen of the year for 2011. Apparently some readers were bemused by this. Sweetwater is a common name for all the East Florence, and sometimes Weeden Heights, communities. Mr. Fisher does not have anything to do with the purported efforts to restore Sweetwater Mansion, nor does he support the individuals behind them.

Other readers have reported to us that those on the Sweetwater Tours Committee have been setting up at First Fridays in Florence with collection jars. Until the books of this organization are made public, we cannot in good conscience support these individuals nor encourage our readers to do so.