Monday, June 6, 2011

Alabama Supreme Court: Only Your Mayor Can Hire & Fire

Apparently Cherokee isn't the only Alabama municipality suffering from Mayor-Council Clashitis; the towns of Daphne and Fairhope have also experienced a war of the egos. Their cases were recently heard by the Alabama Supreme Court, and on May 27th the Court ruled that only mayors have the authority to hire and fire in Alabama.

How this will exacerbate Cherokee's ongoing feud remains to be seen, but tomorrow night's council meeting holds the promise of, shall we say, interesting events. Stay tuned...


Under the heading of "We Certainly Get Some Interesting Mail," a reader commented on our link to the blog Women of a Certain Age. The reader was disappointed--thinking it had referred to all the Pretty Young Things currently being hired by the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office. We hear the latest is only 19--it's good to know our sheriff has a plan to keep our youth busy this summer.

From another letter, are we attempting to embarrass Rita Montesi into selling her property by commenting on her brother's conviction for sexual assault and his attorney's legal problems? No, dear reader, when Ms. Montesi called the 2005 news conference that was covered in the TimesDaily, her comments on both Colbert County and her brother's defense attorney became both common knowledge and public record.

What do we think of Rita Montesi siding with her brother, a felon with a laundry list of crimes including the killing of their father? We think Ms. Montesi is defending the man who sexually assaulted her nieces. Do not expect any sympathy here for either pedophiles or their supporters.

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