Monday, June 20, 2011

Interesting New Work at National Alabama

Unfortunately the new work at the National Alabama Corp. site in Barton isn't designed to bring in any income. Instead, it only uses RSA money for... Well, let's see, should we say fun or busy work or some other word that has nothing to do with producing income.

Yes, it seems the employees at National Alabama are already re-doing their softball/volleyball field, picking up stray rocks and adding more sand...and all for only 16.00 to 20.00 an hour. We have to wonder if the powers that be at the rail car plant ever considered sending these employees to Phil Campbell or Hackleburg to work...


Third Street in Cherokee lies two blocks off old Hwy 20 and three blocks off Hwy 72. It is the location of a historic cemetery that has become the object of vandalism, not just once, but three times in the past month. All in all, 15 tombstones have been vandalized--broken in two. Even if these tombstones can be repaired, they will always show the scars of what these Cretins have done.

And just who are these miscreants? We'll wager they're male, fairly young, chronically ignorant, and abusing alcohol or other drugs at the times of vandalism.

Do you know who they are? If you have any information, please report it to the Cherokee Police or the Colbert County Sheriff's Department. We'll make sure you receive at least a meager reward.