Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Southland to Close

The Southland Restaurant, a Sheffield landmark for decades, will close its doors on July 11th. According to the owners, the building and equipment will be auctioned off. We're hoping someone with a love of Sheffield and its traditions will purchase the eatery and continue to serve Shoals citizens for another fifty years.


It's now official that the University of North Alabama will be joining Division I athletics...or should we insert the word "attempting" into that sentence? Steve Pierce, long time advocate for the move, has stated we should not expect to see any immediate good come from this change.

Hmmmm, we just read an article concerning such statements. Enjoy:

Code Words?

Have you heard? Zip City may actually become a city...or at least an incorporated town. There's so much material here that we're not even sure where to start...

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