Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No More Gas Chambers/Finally a Legal Family!

Beckham--Survived Gas Chamber

The Alabama Legislature has passed Beckham's Act: By December 31, 2011, all animal gas chambers in the state will become illegal. Interestingly, the only two remaining chambers are located at the Florence Shelter and the Colbert County Shelter. What does this say about our area?

We don't believe the Shoals cares less about animals than other areas of the state. We do believe this area has been the recipient of some very bad advice concerning animal euthanasia. We're seeing comments from various sectors that the next step should be no-kill shelters. Our opinion is the next step should be a state law requiring all counties to provide an up to date and staffed animal shelter. Sadly, we have to look no farther than Franklin County to find one that doesn't.


When a long time couple marries, we're apt to hear "It's about time they made it legal." We're extremely pleased that we can today announce Rylan Kade and his parents are finally "legal." No one can now legally hope to take this child away from his parents...and we hope those who sought to do so will now take down their Facebook pages and retire their warped and magical thinking, allowing this family the peace and security they've been seeking for the last three years.