Thursday, June 30, 2011

Randy Gist Guilty/Drowning Machine Claims Another Life?

Former Good Samaritan Hospice co-owner Randy Gist has pleaded guilty to fraud in Federal Court. According to sources there my be at least one sexual harassment civil suit still outstanding against Gist.

Along with Good Samaritan, A & E Hospice and Blue Water Hospice have also closed their doors. Florence's Hospice Complete has a new owner, and reportedly a new name will be forthcoming. Keller recently formed a holding company for its affiliated hospice. Most hospices in this area are honestly managed, but with the abundance of competition and tighter government controls, we expect to see at least one other such enterprise go under within the next year.

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Apparently signs aren't enough, but who is responsible for the five lives lost since the Cypress Creek weir was built in 1980? An article in today's TimesDaily states that boaters actually seek out such environs when they are at their most dangerous. There's little chance the missing kayaker will be found alive, but we can still hope.

It was only three week ago that we commented on the dangers:

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It was good to see the TD's Trevor Stokes off the Russellville beat in today's edition. Is he no longer in exile?