Thursday, June 9, 2011

G.H.O.S.T. Story/Civil Wars Auction

It was a dark and stormy night...well, actually it was a hot, humid day with a temp of 98 F. in the shade. Our intrepid hero has found parking twenty miles from his destination. With an injured Achilles tendon, he's plodding through the steam rising from the pavement when he sees signs of civilization in the distance. Yes! Target is now visible through the glare and steam, but so is something else.

There in one of the few coveted handicapped parking spaces is a G.H.O.S.T. vehicle--all white and shiny in the sun with the company's ubiquitous logo in several strategic places. Having been a Boy Scout, our hero reaches into his pocket protector and pulls forth a notepad and pencil. Such a blatant misuse of a handicapped space on this torrid a day is inexcusable, but wait...what does he see? There's no point in writing down the tag number to give to Target security, the white minivan has a handicapped license plate!

For once the ever-ready former boyscout is at a loss; just how did the owners of G.H.O.S.T. acquire a handicapped license? Our hero thinks it's a job for...Shoalanda.


Obviously Shoalanda has no idea how Robert Simone or his wife acquired a handicapped license plate. Let's see what criteria the State of Alabama has for eligibility:

If you are disabled, you can apply for a special license plate or placard that entitles you to park in disabled-access parking spaces. You must own or partially own the vehicle you wish to license if you want a license plate; otherwise, you'll need to get a placard―the portable plastic license to hang from the rearview mirror. The placards can be used in any vehicle transporting disabled passengers.

You will need to complete Form MVR-326-230 (Application for Disability Access Parking Privileges). License plates are $23 for cars and $15 for motorcycles, while placards are free.

The application process includes your doctor certifying that you have difficulty walking or breathing while walking.

The placards and license plates are subject to renewal every five years, but after you complete the first application, you can save time and effort by certifing yourself if you have a long-term disability. To recertify, just use the same MVR form listed above, and sign it at the bottom in the recertification box.

Hmm, look at the statement highlighted in bold: The application process includes your doctor certifying that you have difficulty walking or breathing while walking.

Haven't the Simones advised those taking their tours to wear comfortable shoes and clothing since the terrain is often rugged? Ahh, well, it's obviously one of life's mysteries...

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We understand the Jimmy Neese/Delana Darby Blake divorce finally reached a courtroom yesterday. At least one reporter from the TimesDaily was present. We suggest that once the precedings are finalized, unless sealed, the records will be extremely useful in discovery of where much of the Bliss Block money went. Good luck to Delana in putting this part of her life behind her and to the City of Florence in any efforts legally available to them in recovering lost funds from the ill-fated project.

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The Civil Wars are sponsoring an eBay auction to raise funds for local tornado victims. The nine day auction started last night. Be sure to drop by and place a bid on something that strikes your fancy. Many thanks to John Paul White for his efforts on behalf of those who lost all during the April tornadoes.