Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ashley N. Liles & Alabama Chrome

Ashley N. Liles graduated from Hazlewood High School in Town Creek in 2006. A short time later she gave birth to a son, now four years old. The 23 year-old single mother moved from Town Creek to Moulton in 2010, but was a regular visitor to her home town.

It was at an apartment in Town Creek that Liles allegedly bound her son's hands and feet and covered his mouth with duct tape, colloquially known as Alabama Chrome for its multitude of uses.

That brings us to the friend who provided Liles with the tape. We doubt any of these characters were members of MENSA, but does anyone believe the provider of the tape didn't know what the mother of a screaming toddler was going to do with it?

Our newly elected Republican legislators have stated they want less government, but we have to ask if requiring a permit to have children wouldn't be something to look into.


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