Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Joe Walters Put Tuscumbia Residents First

When current Tuscumbia superintendent Joe Walters took office in 2007, as many as one-third of the students entering Kindergarten were from outside the city. Due to proration, Walters put a stop to non-resident students. Now at least one source states this may have cost him his contract renewal.

Tuscumbia is a small town with relatively little in the budget for the superintendent's salary. When they last interviewed four years ago, several applicants asked to be taken out of consideration when they found out just how little the demanding position paid. It will be interesting to see who now applies for a job with so little security.


If brother kills brother over an air conditioner, as has happened more than once in Alabama, we can only imagine what the theft of beer would produce. Tony Curtis Wilson states his brother stole his beer and he retaliated by attempting to burn the house down. Wilson apparently isn't very good at impulse control, having a 2005 arrest for shoplifting meat from Hometown Market in North Florence and several arrests for burglary, not to mention a domestic violence charge in 2009. We wonder what it will take to keep Wilson in prison.


We sympathize with those residents living on unpaved gravel roads, but there is humor in their story. Who names a narrow gravel road "Paradise Drive?" We see fodder for Jay Leno...


It's the 31st anniversary of Larry Fisher's 39th birthday. Happy birthday, Larry!