Saturday, June 25, 2011

"They're Trying to Destroy..."

"They're trying to destroy us." - Richard Nixon (No he did a pretty good job of destroying himself.)

"They're trying to destroy Michael Jackson." - Fans who disliked Martin Bashir's documentary about the troubled star. (Again, here's someone who destroyed himself.)

"They're trying to destroy Sweetwater Mansion." - Various members of the Sweetwater Historical Tour committee. (No, the current owner let Mother Nature and vandals do that long before anyone reported on the scam to "restore" the old house.)

"They're trying to destroy Cherokee" - Chuck Lansdell commenting on reports in the Internet magazine The Connection.

At one time, the appropriate response from someone who didn't wish to discuss a problem was, "No comment." Now it seems the favored response is to accuse the accuser. Of what, we're not sure. We're also not sure if anyone has officially filed any ethics or other complaints concerning the misuse of fuel in Cherokee. If not, they should. This brief account is quite telling:


Sources with Lauderdale County say the toddler found walking along Highway 101 last Tuesday has been returned to his mother. We understand that DHR's goal is to keep families together if at all possible. We hope this young mother will now get some help with her parenting skills.


You may have noticed our comics section vanished some weeks ago. As far as we can tell, the site had gone to cyber heaven, so we need to replace it. Not being able to find a comparable widget for the funnies, we're about to launch a music player. Send us the names of your favorite songs...they may just show up here.