Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Cherokee Town Hall: 35 Fire Violations

The new Cherokee Town Hall, a former Senior Citizens' Center, has failed its first fire inspection with a total of 35 violations. Here is a link to the five page inspection:


From C.R.:


When a decision needs to be made, most people do research first and make at least two plans. Over the last two years the Cherokee City Council has shown little regard for research or forming an alternative plan before beginning a course of action. During the last city council meeting the Burger King Four (Councilmembers Malone, Glover, Franks, and Mason) decided to relocate city hall to the old senior citizens' building.

The senior citizens were located to a new building because the old building had flooding, mold, and fire code problems. If the Burger King Four did some research they would have discovered this before moving city hall to this location.

A State of Alabama Fire Marshal paid a visit to the new Cherokee City Hall located in the old senior citizens' building. The fire marshal found 35 building code violations. We will have to see how much it will cost to fix all 35 building code violations.


During the last city council meeting the Burger King Four decided to cut benefits to the city's employees. This has caused several employees to look elsewhere for employment. It appears that two police officers are leaving soon. The loss of one officer will hurt the town. He makes most of the DUI and drug arrests. The criminals must be happy to hear this. Drug sales and break-ins will increase around the small city. The overtime budget for the police department is going to explode.

There is a city council meeting Tuesday night. Make sure to thank the council for their lack of planning and research.

Officer Ambien

We all heard about the Leighton Police Officer that took Ambien and shot at an invisible intruder. It appears that the Leighton City Council has grown tired of the officer and he is on the way out. Could a Cherokee Police Officer show up in a Leighton police uniform?

Political quote of the day: Good gravy, Gaddafi is crazy. He's talking like he's Charlie Sheen or something!