Thursday, March 10, 2011

He Didn't Mean for Anyone to Get Hurt/Atheists Among Us

Dewon Jones didn't mean for anyone to get hurt when he helped rob Dandy's Package Store? That's why he allegedly provided the gun for the robbery. That's why he didn't question the fact David Riley made no effort to hide his identify. That's why he didn't attempt to get help for Scott Kirtley after he was shot. No, that's why Dewon Jones should have been sentenced to life without parole for his role in the robbery--he didn't care who got hurt as long as he and Riley had money for drugs. Now the taxpayers of Lauderdale County are paying for a second trial for Riley. We've never assumed our court system is perfect, but it really dropped the ball in the case of Dewon Jones.

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For every four or so complimentary e-mails we receive, we usually get one that's not so full of praise. We have one or two critics who are regular contributors to our G-Mail in box. Recently we've received some criticism for allowing an atheist to post a guest blog. It being the start of a special religious season for some, we feel this is an appropriate time to address these.

We don't ask the manager of the grocery store if he's an atheist. We don't ask our CRNP is she's an atheist. In short, we deal with those every day whose religious affiliation or lack thereof is unknown to us.

Yes, shunning an atheist is the ideal way to convert him or her to Christianity. We hope those of little or no faith don't judge all Christians by such individuals as our critic.

Note: We welcome guest blogs. We are happy to publish views from all perspectives as long as they are not libelous. We do reserve the right to edit for profanity, etc.