Monday, March 7, 2011

Be Sure to Save Those with the Lowest IQ First

Who Will Pseudoephedrine Laws Help Most?

A Guest Commentary By

Bailey Quarters

I used to take a generic Sudaphed, the kind that had real pseudoedphedrine. I could buy it for about $2.00, while the brand name was $6.00 or so. No one makes a generic any more since those who would sell it would have to keep a register and it's just not worth it to them. In fact, it's just not worth it to many of us to sign a register when we need strong sinus medicine.

Now the State of Alabama wants to make pseudoedphedrine a scheduled drug, like hydrocodone or oxycodone. Why? No one can get high off this drug. Yes, you can use it to make meth if you're so inclined. Just who is so inclined? Are these people giving anything back to our society?

Oh, but you say they have children who might be hurt. So, they won't live to grow up to be the next generation of meth-makers or welfare cheats? Is this what the United States has come to? Let the professionals who have already proved their worth to society suffer, while we protect the scum?


We're going to agree with much of this. The answer, or one answer, is to take these children and adopt them out to decent, caring homes. Unfortunately, our great state of Alabama has no desire to do that either. If our legislature really wanted to help this problem, it would enact a law causing meth dealers to permanently lose custody of any and all children upon the first conviction. No exceptions!

What's up with this: Is there a hiring freeze at the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department, or can Sheriff Willis find no one who wishes to work there?