Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cemetery Vandals or Just Pranksters?

Our friend Mary Carton has found some unusual littering on her Tuscumbia farm. It seems someone has dumped five tombstones at the back edge of her property. She's trying to find their home and will be writing more about these early 20th Century grave markers in her regular blog.

Mary thinks they may have come from a cemetery in Spring Valley. Names inscribed on the stones are Gray, Stidham, and Weatherford. There is a slight possibility that the stones were replaced with newer ones, and someone with a greatly skewed sense of humor decided to donate these to Rosedale Farms; however, we feel this is probably an ultimate act of vandalism. If indeed a crime has been committed, the miscreant should be duly punished.



We recently offered our condolences to Kathy Kiker Shields in the death of her niece Brandi Lee Campbell. We had worked closely with Kathy on the account of her nephew's death and were impressed with her love of family. At that time she was in remission from Stage Four cancer. We have since learned that she has passed away. All our sympathy to Kathy's family--the world is greatly diminished by her loss.