Saturday, March 5, 2011

Are We Not All Tired of the Feces That Is Shaun Shapley?!

Look closely at this face. It is the face of Shaun Glovis Shapley. Shapley is:

1. A White Supremacist.

2. Much married.

3. Often the instigator of lawsuits against local governments.

4. The father of two of his older stepdaughter's children.

5. A multiple felon with many convictions for violence against women.

6. A drug addict.

7. The man who murdered his younger stepdaughter during a rape attempt.

8. The man whom Lauderdale County let plead in exchange for a 25 year sentence.*

9. A man who is inadequately described by the word "feces."

Here's his complete tale of violence and louche living: Murder in Lexington

Now Shapley has appealed his plea bargain sentence for the second time. He must not like prison....

Let's all try to ensure Shapley does not leave this home that is much too good for him before his 2033 end-of-sentence date. Here's the address to protest work release or parole for Shaun Shapley:

Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles
Post Office Box 302405
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2405
Re: Shaun Shapley, AIS #263566

To ensure your letters reach his prison file, you may also write or call:

Warden Kenneth Jones
Bullock Correctional Facility
Post Office Box 5107
Union Springs, Alabama 36089-5107

* Why did Lauderdale County even let Shapley plead? In all probability because his wife Kimberly Bragg Shapley supported him. Can we say "Trash?" BTW, that remark isn't libelous since libel involves an untruth that hurts a person's reputation. In fact, calling Kimberly Shapley trash is probably the nicest word anyone has called her since it came to light she supported the rapist of both her daughters.