Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Will She Blame it on Menopause?

Mary Lee Hudson is 56 years old and has, as far as we know, no criminal record. So why would such a woman commit a terrorist act? A temporary breach of sanity may well be her best defense. Besides the normal hormonal waves of menopause, it would seem Mrs. Hudson feels she has been the victim of job discrimination resulting in the loss of a longtime position. Until recently, Hudson worked in the Education Department, only being transferred to the Financial Aid Office a few months ago.

What kind of verdict and possible sentence should we expect if Hudson chooses to go to trial? Besides state charges, there will apparently also be Federal charges related to the mailing of the threatening missive. If the Jay DeVaughn case is an indicator, Hudson may expect a sentence of at least six years. DeVaughn was a male librarian at a Colorado community college who sent white powder filled threatening letters to several individuals, including elected officials. He was sentenced this past January in Federal Court.

If the University of North Alabama wants to leap to Division I, they're certainly getting the advanced publicity. Too bad it isn't the kind they wanted.

What's up with this: We hear there's going to be a sequel to the old Johnny Cash song "Don't Take Your Guns to Town." It will be entitled "Don't Send Your Gun to Memphis."