Friday, March 11, 2011

"He Made Some Mistakes"/ Missing Cherokee Fuel

Chris Childers, defense attorney for David Riley, yesterday stated that the defendant had "made some mistakes." Mistakes? Really?

No, Mr. Childers, a mistake is taking the wrong exit on the Interstate. A mistake is incorrectly subtracting an amount from a check register. What David Riley did was cold-blooded murder. He should spend the rest of his life in prison; however, Judge Jones will in all probability sentence Riley to death no matter the recommendation of the jury. Other than the cost of appeals for such a sentence, will anyone really be sorry?


Last month our fellow blogger J.J. Ray wrote a column concerning the excess amount of fuel supposedly used by the small town of Cherokee, specifically its rescue squad:

Cherokee: Bigger Than You Thought

J.J. has continued to look into what could be a large amount of fuel--either missing or undocumented as to its use. Here's a link to what J.J. found:

Cherokeegate Part I

Sources report that the rescue squad had a meeting yesterday; we wonder if this was the main topic?


A reader has commented on President Bush's visit to the Shoals:

A former President is coming to visit and where does the daily disappointment put the article? The land appraisal along Wilson Dam road is more news worthy?

Well, Wilson Dam Road is more newsworthy...than the Easter Bunny.