Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Will Happen to Jeremy Shane Hall?

Juries being queer animals, we won't presume to predict what will happen to the law suits five former prisoners of Russellville City Jail are about to file against that Franklin County town and its police department; however, we have spoken with a source willing to predict the fate of Russellville Police Sgt. Jeremy Shane Hall concerning his criminal charges.

There are supposedly now five women who are participating in this civil suit. More are apt to come forward, and others will provide testimony as to what occurred in the jail with Sgt. Hall in charge. We may presume the same women will testify in any criminal suit, be it either State or Federal. Since Hall has now been arrested, we may expect his name to be added to the civil suit.

If these women should win their civil suits, Hall will lose any property in his name. He may already have begun the legal process to transfer titles to his wife, or should we say at-least-for-now-wife. We don't think standing by one's man should include his sexual abuse of females in his custodial care. He will also likely be banned from seeing his young son, a son who will grow up knowing just what evil his father is capable of.

As for the criminal case, our source says the ABI has a slam-dunk case, and Hall will go to either State or Federal prison--for many years. Upon his release, he will be labeled a sex offender. Employers won't be knocking at his door. Another sad commentary from Franklin County.

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Mary Carton has updated us in her quest to find homes for the tombstones dumped on her farm. It seems the fifth is some decorative object and not an actual grave marker. Still, this stone was paid for by some loving family member and expected to adorn its chosen cemetery forever.

What kind of person steals tombstones? A person only slightly more morally evolved than Russellville Police Sgt. Jeremy Shane Hall.