Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lauderdale Lawsuits & Colbert Sirens

It's just past Noon; did your emergency sirens work in Colbert County? What...they don't test them every Wednesday? Isn't that normal procedure for all EMA offices in the state? We understand some didn't work during the storms two weeks ago. Perhaps Colbert EMA is still too busy trying to account for all the missing money.


A source with the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office tells us two longtime employees will be retiring within the next few months. Sgt. Lee Short and office manager Betty Hook will be leaving the department they have served well for many years. We often try to use the word "succeed" when speaking of those who come after, for no one can truly replace employees with so much knowledge and wisdom gained through the years.

It will fall to Sheriff Ronnie Willis to suggest names of those who are able to fill the shoes of Short and Hooks. This in itself is a huge responsibility; however, Sheriff Willis will undoubtedly have to consider many facets of the hiring process before committing to anyone.

Apparently during the term of former Sheriff Billy Townsend, a Federal lawsuit placed restrictions on hiring practices. Obviously such restrictions may be either good or bad, but those who have witnessed the outcome of the resulting hires have lauded their effect. Good luck to Ronnie Willis as he makes these critical choices, as we're sure many will be looking at them from some very diverse angles.

Thought for the day: Hipster Kitty doesn't have to be P.C. After all she's hip and not afraid to tell it like it is. Shouldn't we all emulate Hipster Kitty just a little?