Sunday, March 20, 2011

Security Breach at National Alabama/Moving South?

A source at National Alabama Corporation, the now infamous rail car plant in Barton, has contacted us. This is part of his more than telling account:

NAC has slashed their private security force BEYOND the 'bare bones' needed to adequately secure a site of its size. Earlier this week, during 1st Shift, an NAC engineer was forced to take action when a 'trespasser' made his way onto the property via a gate from which NAC management has removed security. NAC management has also removed the patrol officer from 1st Shift, claiming 'it isn't needed'. This action leaves NO trained security officer available to respond to such threat, placing NAC employees at unnecessary risk. In case you're wondering, ALL of the ludicrous management decisions of late at NAC have been the 'brain child' of one sole individual...the Health & Safety Manager.


Many retired or defeated Shoals judges remain in the Shoals to practice law and give back to the area that has honored them with their former positions. We hear that one has chosen to leave God's Country and move south...with an engagement ring.


Question of the day: What's the difference between a public business and a private business? In a private business, the owner/manager can give his best friend Joe, his brother-in-law Al, his gardener Jose', or his girlfriend Trixie a job and it's perfectly legal. In the public sector, it is very much illegal and calls for ethics complaints.