Friday, March 4, 2011

Look Before You Slap/Hit/Punch

The middle aged woman pulled the cord, stood up, and walked down the aisle of the cross-town bus. As she passed a man well known for his eccentric behavior toward women, she saw him rise and begin to follow her. Quickly she exited the bus and began the short walk to her home near Peabody College. Now she heard footsteps behind her, and they were gaining. Never a timid woman, she removed the umbrella from under her left arm and placed it firmly in her hand. The footsteps were right behind her now, and her heart was racing.

She felt a hand enclose her right arm and she quickly turned. Raising the umbrella in her left hand, she lashed out...and hit her husband in the head. Yes, it was her husband who had left work early and had walked to the bus stop to meet her. In her haste to avoid the local masher, she hadn't seen her partner of over 30 years...and he had the goose egg to prove it.

Does the above story have a moral for us today? Perhaps it should have one for Steve Glover. Cherokee Councilman Glover has been accused of assaulting 72 year-old Helen Waldrep after Monday night's meeting. According to J. J. Ray, Glover acted to protect himself--not knowing who had taken his arm. Now he faces an assault charge.

Elected officials in Cherokee aren't known for their genteel manners, so we aren't too surprised at the evening's events. After all it could have been Battlin' Betty who had decided he needed to be slapped...


Stevens Hall contamination: How interesting that (in all probability) fake toxin was mailed to a member of the education or nursing faculty. Who would the culprit be? Very likely a disgruntled student who either was dismissed from the school of education or nursing, or who was denied admittance. In either case, it shows the admission standards currently in place are working.