Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Confession in Christoper Stanback Murder Case!

For two days we have been hearing of a break in the Chris Stanback murder case. While we believe the information we have received is correct, we have not been able to corroborate it in its entirety.

Sources say a 33 year-old Florence man has confessed to the murder after being questioned by police concerning a burglary. We will not give the man's name until it is confirmed, but it is not a name that we have previously heard in connection with this heinous crime.

Many prayers have been answered in this case. Thanks to the Florence Police Department as well as the ABI for continuing to have faith that Chris' murderer would eventually be caught. Also many thanks to Councilman Sam Pendleton for all his efforts during the initial investigation.

We have been told that a news release may not be forthcoming until next week. In the mean time, any information that can be verified is appreciated. Please send your comments to:

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