Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Get Their Goat--Get Informed!

Starting today, we're adding the Goat Hill widget to our blog. Many of the bills being introduced in our legislature concern the Shoals; many concern all citizens of Alabama. To paraphrase Dick Biddle, "Be a good Alabamian. Be an informed Alabamian. Many thanks to Matt Osborne for tweaking this widget for us!


Sue Schmitz has been in the news again--her Federal sentence may be close to coming to an end. Did she deserve the original sentence? We will leave that for others to decide; her work, or non-work, with the C.I.T.Y. program was not local--although our tax dollars did support it.

However, we have recently received some extremely interesting news concerning Rhonda Bogus, the past director of Florence's C.I.T.Y. program.
Sources have informed us of an ethics complaint filed against Ms. Bogus. Apparently she was in over her head in her role as director of that program. Our sources also state that vast amounts of money were wasted on non-essential items, including having an interior designer hired to assist in laying out the classrooms, choosing the furniture, etc.


Do you need to file an ethics or similar complaint? We'll be focusing on such filings in the next few days. In the mean time remember: Just because they're either elected or appointed to serve the public, it doesn't mean they haven't decided at some point to serve themselves first.