Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bill Anderson's Severance Package

Helen Keller Hospital is the property of Colbert County and is administered by the Colbert County Commission. The commission has seen fit to pass control of day-to-day activities of the hospital to that facility's board of directors, and the board has seen fit to partner the hospital with Huntsville Hospital in Madison County.

For whatever reason, Keller CEO Bill Anderson is leaving...and taking a severance package with him. Is the amount of this golden parachute an item that should be included in public records--meaning should the TimesDaily have access to the terms of this package and publish them for any and all to read?

The answer is apparently not as clear cut as the TD would like us to believe. Perhaps the main issue now should be the employment terms of his successor. Whoever replaces Anderson will sign a contract that should ideally spell out every aspect of his/her financial compensation and also be public knowledge.

It would seem logical that the citizens of Colbert County should be more concerned about the reason for Bill Anderson's departure than the amount of money he took with him. If the TD wants to provide accurate information on the local hospital situation, it should be looking into the role Huntsville Hospital played in Anderson's resignation and the role it will play in the search for his replacement.


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