Friday, April 2, 2010

Odds, Ends, & Infamous DUIs

One must wonder how Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan expects the citizens of that town to respect the law when he so obviously does not. While he may overturn his DUI conviction in Lauderdale Circuit Court, it will be on a technicality, not because he's innocent. Not a very good example, is he?


We wish to correct a statement concerning Dr. William Roddy made in a recent blog. While Dr. Roddy has treated private Medicaid patients attending the Sara Dinsmore Center in Franklin County, he did not treat those who resided in Scope 310 group homes. We regret this error; Scope 310 (Shoals Cope for the Mentally Retarded) provides excellent services for their clients, and we encourage everyone to patronize their Blue Door Thrift Stores in Florence and Russellville.


Thanks to Whippoorwill Hollow Films for this wonderful video. Steve and Sheri Wiggins do a fantastic job in promoting the Shoals...