Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The West Colbert Mafia?

The West Colbert Mafia? It seems that A. N. Weaver’s mordant name for Cherokee Mayor Chuck Lansdell and his supporters has stuck. We see no actual physical resemblance to Ben Gazarra in Road House, but are there more subtle ones? We’ll save that question for further contemplation.

However, it’s hard not to notice that Lansdell is always pictured in his black Fire Chief’s uniform. If Lansdell supporters openly admit the lack of official business in the mayor’s office from 9 to 5, we have to wonder how many emergencies the fire department is called to each day--or each week for that matter.

Psychologists have long realized that uniforms are used not only for identification but also for intimidation…


It seems former Muscle Shoals police officer Charles Richard Michael has dropped his employment appeal. According to Tom Smith in Monday’s TimesDaily, the city is currently carrying on an "international" investigation into Michael’s conduct while on duty. We’re not sure if Police Chief Robert Evans actually said international or internal, but our reports of the infraction indicate the offense was definitely internal.


After our special report on Woodmont Baptist Church associate minister Steve Thompson, a reader referred us to an urban dictionary. It seems that “Panty Waste” does not refer to feces, but to a combination of bodily fluids found in women’s underwear after sexual intercourse. Hmmm, quite an insult from a conservative Southern Baptist, wasn’t it?

In fairness to Thompson, he has apologized to Senator Denton for the language used in his scathing e-mail. We hope Denton is cleared of all wrong-doing just as quickly.