Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gil Self - A Compassionate Judge

While we supported James Hall II in his quest to succeed retiring Lauderdale County Circuit Court Judge Mike Suttle, we certainly feel that Gilbert Self has added much to the role, especially the quality of compassion that many felt had been lacking in the office.

Now, Gil Self will face Florence attorney Janice Keeton in June as he attempts to win the Democratic nomination. How does he stack up against Keeton? Both would seem to have equal amounts of education and integrity; how should the voter choose? Since no Republicans qualified for this office, the primary will decide the winner and, perhaps, who will hold the judgeship for many years to come.

There are two fundamental differences in these opponents, one more easily quantified than the other. Gil Self has more experience in the legal realm than Keeton. If experience is all that matters to the voter, the choice would be obvious. If necessity is the mother of invention, the drive to do more and to do it better would certainly be its father.

No one can deny that the local court systems are underfunded and usually backed up. Lauderdale County has managed to hold its own until now, but every day brings new warnings of budget cuts and what the residents of this state may expect. We need someone with drive and determination to improve our court system. We believe that someone is Janice Keeton. We wholeheartedly endorse her for Lauderdale Circuit Court Judge Place 3.


Yesterday's blog referenced misconceptions concerning Mrs. Keeton. Apparently these misconceptions, some perhaps more properly deemed something more sinister, also include her relationship to Christopher Rich. Keeton is not Rich's aunt as widely reported on the TimesDaily and another local forum. Rich is a first cousin once-removed to Mrs. Keeton's husband. We regret this confusion and hope this correction demonstrates even more clearly why she in no way should be held responsible for the actions of another individual.


A reader has sent us a link to one other reference to the American Cancer Assistance organization. The group was chartered in Tennessee this past March. We look forward to bringing you more information about this charity in the future.