Monday, April 12, 2010

Is Gambling the New "Segregation?"

Memorable pols are known for their distinct war cries; George Wallace won his place of shame in Alabama history by his constant harping on one point--segregation. Fifty years later the political landscape remains eerily similar, with the Democratic nomination possibly hanging on one issue--gambling.

The poor Baptist Boy from a fatherless home, now divorced himself, with only an Associates Degree from a community college, seeks to face off with the happily married Lutheran, the possessor of a Juris Doctorate from Harvard. Only in 2010, the latter is the black candidate, while the former is white.

Why is legalized gambling in Alabama so important to Ron Sparks? Sparks frequently mentions that an education lottery is part of his master plan, yet he even more frequently denounces Davis' education. Could Sparks see gambling as his only ticket to the governor's mansion in Montgomery?

Ron Sparks almost makes Roy Moore look good. Almost...


Lame ducks do some amazing things. We've certainly been surprised by state Sen. Bobby Denton's recent stances on various locally hot issues. It's taken 30 years, but the "Singing Senator" seems to have an itch for a more dramatic legacy, judging by his current take-action positions. More on the Alabama Music Hall of Fame bill tomorrow.


North Florence Apartments, a Hensley-Thompson property, is located at 1414 Chisholm Road, adjacent to a once quiet residential area. Last week, someone standing with a small group of individuals in the parking lot of this complex attacked Jake, a friendly family dog who had managed to escape the safety of its home.

The attack cost Jake his left eye and fueled the animosity of neighbors toward residents of the Hensley-Thompson facility. Currently, Capt. Ron Tyler of the Florence Police Department is heading the investigation into the attack. Capt. Tyler may be reached at 760-6500. Perhaps a call to Hensley-Thompson at 764-3033 would also be in order.

We understand several individuals and organizations are considering a reward for information concerning this crime. If anyone provides info that leads to an arrest and conviction of this God-forsaken piece of filth, we at Shoalanda will add $100.00 to the reward. Someone knows something. It's free money for doing the right thing...think about it.