Monday, April 19, 2010

American Cancer Assistance?

We mentioned yesterday that we hadn't been able to find any information on American Cancer Assistance Inc. A quick Google search turns up two entries--one our Saturday column and the other a dead link.

So far, the admission for Strutn Into Guinness has been left blank on their MySpace page, but we suggest you consider any money spent the cost of a fun day and not as a charitable donation.


Rapes on UNA campus? An April 15th article in the TimesDaily stated:

Shields estimates that, at UNA, between five and six sexual assaults will be reported.

However, no time period is given. Is this figure for one semester? One calendar year? UNA has always been careful to stress the security of its facilities. No matter how safe any institution, rape happens. If you're raped, report it. Rape Response will be there for you.

Quote of the day: We live in the United States of Attorneys. You beat a bush in America and six lawyers fly out. - Reg Henry