Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brad Holmes in 2010!

As if you didn't already know, Tammy Irons is not seeking re-election to the Alabama House of Representatives, Place 1. It could be called a wide open field or even a crap shoot, but three Democrats and two Republicans are seeking to succeed Rep. Irons.

Two days ago we profiled one of the Republicans, Quinton Hanson, a man who may have great ideas for the state, but who hasn't yet shared them with the electorate. We previously introduced you to Brad Holmes in June 2009. During the past 10 months, Brad has made it a point to meet the voters and talk with them about their concerns and their vision for combating the problems this state faces. If you haven't yet met Brad, we suggest you take a look at his Facebook
page in order to get a better grasp of his character and views.

It gives us great pleasure to endorse Brad Holmes as the Republican candidate for Alabama House Place 1. Keep up the good work, Brad.


It's Saturday, so it must be raining. We're sure rain and the accompanying thunderstorms have put a damper on the highly publicized re-enactment events that were scheduled today at the Weeden-Sweetwater home. The house was once beautiful, and if it should lose its battle with demolition in the name of progress, it would be a great loss to the Shoals.

However, the home is still in private hands, owned by Susan Leigh Smithson of Atlanta, and also for sale for the small sum of six million dollars. Any money generated by these tours goes to the restoration fund, still presumably controlled by Smithson. If the house and grounds should be sold (we assume Ms. Smithson would take much less than her asking price), any edifices on the property could immediately be torn down.

Sweetwater is not protected by the State or any other government organization. If you wish to tour Sweetwater, by all means do so (tours are confined to the grounds, since the buildings present unsafe conditions), but if you wish to give money to preserve Alabama history, we suggest your money would be better used by the Joe Wheeler home or other organizations over which there is local control.


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